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  • Taranaki Windscreens
    Looking for Windscreens in Taranaki? Mike at Taranaki Windscreens is THE man to speak to. He offers a mobile service throughout most parts of Taranaki, including New Plymouth and Stratford. Mike is a windscreen replacement specialist, and also offers mobile rust and panelbeating services. If you’re looking for the BEST price around, try getting an online windscreen replacement quote.    ...
  • Windscreen Repair Palmerston North
    Get a Windscreen Repair unit to come to you in Palmerston North City . Palmerston North Windscreens also have a full mobile windscreen replacement service. Repair or replacement?  No problem – they can sort it! Palmerston North Windscreens Website Call 0800 276 536 for Windscreens in Palmerston North....
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Palmerston North Windscreens

Budget Windscreens Palmerston NorthCheap Windscreens Palmerston North!

Palmerston North Windscreens offer a full mobile repair & replacement service to Palmerston North and Feilding.

You can get a written quote today using their online quote service, or they can direct bill your insurance company.

Freecall 0800 276 536 for service in the Manawatu / Palmerston North area.


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Palmerston North Plasterers

Palmerston North Plasterers are your local, friendly, reliable interior plastering service

We specialise in interior Plastering & Gib Stopping solutions – Call 0800 PLASTER (0800 752 783)

What we do:

  • Level 3 Wall paper finish
  • Level 4 Paint finish
  • Level 5 Skim coating high lighting areas
  • Restoring stripped wall ex wall paper wall to a paint finish
  • 55mm, 75mm, 90mm, Gib Cove installation
  • Bull nose plaster angles
  • Square stopping or box stopping
  • Complex multi-angle installation
  • and much much more …

Call today for a free no obligation quote 0800 PLASTER

We service all area’s of the greater Manawatu including Feilding, Bulls, Palmerston North, Opiki, Sanson, Ashhurst etc…

For a one stop plastering service call Palmerston North Plasterers or visit our website:


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Major Earthquake around Seddon New Zealand

At exactly 2.31 this afternoon Seddon experienced a major earthquake. Seismologists recorded a magnitude 6.2.

Over the past day or so Seddon and the surrounding area’s have experienced a series of minor quakes building to the magnitude 6.2 this afternoon. There have already been reports of wide spread damage but it is still unclear how bad the damage is. Residents are both shocked and frightened at the seriousness of these recent earthquakes.

Info obtained by GEONET

There has also been an earth quake just out side of Taihape recording a magnitude 3.5 at 2.42 and another one a Murupara registering 3.6 at 2.38.

This is the latest in a series of earthquakes across the country in the last 24 hours.


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Merry Christmas from Auckland Windscreens!


Auckland Windscreen Repair & Replacement wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a safe happy New Year in 2013.

We’re open the usual hours (only closed in the workshop for the stats) but our phones on 0800 762 743 will still be anwsered 24/7 for bookings & quotations.

If you need an online quotation for a windscreen repair or a windscreen replacement, click here.

0800 76 27 43

Get deals on windscreen repair here.


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Windscreen Replacement Company

Windscreen Replacement

A Great Windscreen Replacement company is

These guys have a full windscreen replacement service that can come to you.

For windscreen repairs & replacements, give them a call on 0800 663 225, or get an online windscreen quotation here

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Budget Windscreens – 0800 946 300

Cheaper Windscreens with Budget Windscreens Auckland.

Budget Windscreens Auckland Budget Windscreens

Budget Windscreens Auckland offer a price competitive service for replacement windscreens & Autoglass.

If you need to get the best price on a windscreen repair or replacement give Budget Windscreens a call on 0800 946 300….

But first, go to their webpage and get the special phone discount code to ensure you get the BEST WINDSCREEN DEAL.

Get Discount Code Here



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Flight of the Conchords, Cure Kids Song, Feel inside and stuff like that

Congratulations Flight of the Conchords.

Your Cure Kids song Feel inside and stuff like that is musical genius. The purity and simplicity of the song is fantastic.

Please watch this video of (fell inside and Stuff like that) and if u like it please donate to cure kids.

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GER – Glendene Engine Reconditioners welcomes another client!

Glendene Engine Reconditioners!

Glendene Engine Reconditioners offer reconditioning services in Auckland for petrol & diesel engines AND performance cars.

Check out information on Glendene Engine Reconditioners here:


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Windscreen Repairs 0800 946 300 have published a windscreen repair standard to allow clients who have had a WOF issue with their windscreen to understand the reasons for WOF rejection based on Windscreen & Glazing:

Click here to go to identification chart for WOF windscreen damage.

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Retro Fitting Double Glazing Auckland

Fitment of double glazing system to existing windows.
Auckland Glass Glaziers have a glass retro-fitment system to turn regular glass into double glazing.

Click here to enquire about retro-fit double glazing & glass systems Auckland.

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